Someone in the comments on the deleted Today in Porn post asked, for reasons that are not entirely clear, for this blog to address the issue of stem-cell research.

Elsewhere, the Catholic blogosphere has been abuzz about Stephen Colbert, a man who has somehow found a way to be funny and Catholic and on television, for which he has my deep, deep admiration.

So, in keeping with our theme of Yesterday’s News Today, I’m linking to this index of Colbert interviews, which includes a chat with Lee Silver about stem cells and cloning. A twofer!


  1. That was really good. Wonderful balance of silly and sly.

  2. Anonymous says

    Probably one of the best debates concerning what stem research really is, and the dis-information that has circlulated that stem cell research is about cloning! A sly and funny take on the ability of our population to be lead blindly down a rose garden of what we preceive as “right”.

    I’m assuming that since you brought to our attention Mr. Colbert’s comedy, wit and insight, that you are in favor of stem cell research. Good for you!

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