Add this to the interminable list of things I didn’t know…

James Carville is a Catholic. However, as he noted during a panel discussion at Boston College in March, he’s not too fond of certain teachings:

“The Church’s position on condoms and AIDS is just silly, it’s ridiculous,” he continued. “The position on birth control in marriage is ridiculous. The Church says that masturbation is a sin. All for that raise your hands.”


  1. Kevin Jones says

    Forgive the additional crudity, but I want to add “…and you guys for that, raise your phalluses too.”

  2. Or their hairy palms.

    Doesn’t this guy realize how many depraved young men the church has saved from anti-social tendencies for insisting that they resist self-abuse.

    “I don’t know how to stop thinking about girls, Father.”

    “Why don’t you talk to one for a change?”

  3. Dorian Speed says

    You know, just – gross, Mr. James Carville. Gross.

  4. I think he’s got a good bit of our generation exactly-

    “Raise your hand if this should be changed.”

    It’s not a cafeteria, people. How many times do we have to say that?

  5. Michael in ArchDen says

    “2+2 should equal 5. All for that raise your hands.”

    “Red is Blue. All for that raise your hands.”

    “Jessica Alba should find Michael in ArchDen irresistable. All in favor of that raise your hands.”

    Sadly (in that last case, at least), the truth is not up for a vote. Things are True because they are true, not because we want them to be!

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