The Pickle Syndrome

Caution: link includes extremely disturbing images.

I wanted to make my first post at Korrektiv to be something significant. Something heavy, that would really help make a big splash. Perhaps a quotation from Heidegger, or Kierkegaard, or maybe von Balthasaar, whose Christian and Anxiety I’ve been reading as, yes, a korrektiv to all that Kierkegaard.

Then I stumbled upon this. And I’ve had to ask myself: how would Dr. Tom More have handled this? Would even the lapsometer have worked? And what could Father Smith possibly say?


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    I was extremely disturbed by your link.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    I’ve been having trouble sleeping since I watched it. Can’t get those images out of my head.

  3. Anonymous says

    What would Quidam make of the poor girl?

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