My Tallahassee Purgatory

…is another personal essay over at Godspy worth checking. And it includes a description of the Godsbody family parish!

“Our Lady of the Rosary was a good antidote for that. OLR, as the parishioners call it, is a small Catholic church nestled in the heart of San Diego’s Little Italy. It’s one of those churches that make you look up, literally. Above the altar, across the entire front wall is a painting of the Crucifixion. At the back of the church, along the opposite wall is the Final Judgment. High above on each side wall, the apostles and evangelists keep watch from their perch, and if you are bold enough to arch your head straight back and look up at the ceiling, you will be greeted by scenes from the various mysteries of the rosary. Only the hardest of hearts could gaze at the Crucifixion scene above the altar and not be pierced with sorrow. Only the proudest could look at the scene of the Final Judgment and not say, ‘I am dust.'”


  1. Mark Lickona says

    Saying goodbye to self for the sake of family. Every father’s journey. We can only pray and trust that everything works together for those who love God, that God forgets nothing, that nothing is lost.

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