Homiletic and Pastoral Review (more specifically, Adam DeVille) gave my book a very kind review, for which I am deeply grateful.


  1. I love that comment from T.S. Eliot. Someone put that on a t-shirt, and I’ll buy it.

  2. OK, so the whole “post a comment” thing intimidates me a bit but, I had to weigh in on this entry just to say, “Bravo…great review for a great book!” Thanks for the blog, too! Perhaps I’ll find the “courage” to join in from time to time but, until then, rest assured I remain the self-appointed president of the Matthew Lickona fan club…numbers growing daily!

  3. Forgot to mention…that is the Peekskill, NY chapter of the “fan club”!

  4. Adam DeVille says

    I’m glad to hear the review is in print as I was not sure when it was coming out. Thanks for the honourific title, but I am merely a subdeacon and not in major orders, and therefore do not merit (nor want) “the Rev.” prefixed to my name.

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    Sorry, Adam, I was just going by the formulation at the HPR site. Prefix removed.
    Thanks, Audrey!
    Zachary – think of the graphic possibilities…

  6. Adam DeVille says

    Dear Matthew,

    Quite alright. I noticed that it was on HPR after I had posted the above. I’ve mentioned to HPR in the past that I’m just a “minor cleric” or, as I prefer, a “jumped-up altar boy” but they insist on the title anyway!

  7. AnotherCoward says

    It was a great review, no doubt … but I have to lodge one complaint:

    Lickona’s life has only recently begun — he is 32.

    So, if I understand this right, you need to graduate college, marry, have 4 kids (well, 5 if you count the one born since the book), write a book, and make it into your 30’s … all of that BEFORE you can say your life has only recently begun.

    I’m hopeless.

    But, hey, congrats on making it to real life Matt!!

    I’m lost in this limbo of an existence



  8. Adam DeVille says

    By the comment “Lickona’s life has only recently begun — he is 32” I meant only to tell the reader that this book was not a retrospective of an octogenarian looking back upon 80 years of life and the reader should therefore not expect the book to be long or to cover too wide a swath of time.

  9. AnotherCoward says

    Well, I kinda gathered as much, but I couldn’t help being drawn back to that line and suffering deep bouts of inadequacy. I mean, here I am, thinking I’m all grown up … just to find out that, no, not really … my life even hasn’t begun yet. So I had to lament.

    But, really, it tickled me more than anything … in between the bouts of inadequacy, that is 😉

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