A Korrektiv Alphabet

A is for arsy varsy the wrong way on a one-way street,
B is for bunyip, your brains It will eat,
C is for cryptomnesia, your invention’s a repeat,
D is for dockwalloper, a seaside deadbeat,
E is for eructation, a forced-air bleat,
F is for farkleberry, inedible treat,
G is for grackle so dark and discrete,
H for hot cockles like poets who beat
the I for inexpressibles right on the seat.
J is for Jack-a-Lent, hit him like a skeet,
K is for Kevin who Kate he did mistreat,
L is for long bowls and lob, the skittle and receipt,
M is for Modo, the Prince of Deceit,
(Or muleman on the hoofbeat)
N is for necktie crafts, both large and petite,
O is for orse, for example: escheat.
P is for palinode, go back and delete,
Q is for Qualfredo whose life’s a double-feat,
R is for remainderman, waiting for Alma to complete,
S is for saltate, hop like an athlete,
T is for turnipy, effete aesthete,
U is for Ultona, device with a downbeat,
V is for Verrière the opposite of preheat,
W is for walpurgisnacht, replete with clubfeet,
X is for xformer and xtal on xmas on the offbeat,
Y is for year’s mind, memory’s heartbeat,
Z is for zoösemiotics, drooling on the spreadsheet.


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