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year’s mind n [ME yeris minde, fr. OE geargemynd, fr. gear year + gemynd memory, commemoration, mind — more at YEAR, MIND]: a Roman Catholic requiem mass for a deceased person held on or near the anniversary of death or burial — compare MONTH’S MIND

[From: the big dictionary in the library.]


  1. Clifford Duffy says

    hello Jonathan, I see you quoted something from one of my blogs _ recalltopoetry.blogspot.com which is cool, of course, and I had modified and poeticized.. re kierke.gaard.. so, then poeting? theologizing? not quite identical, but identity is not a higher power’s strong spot.

    and what’s this about the ‘end of th world’… if it is the end, it’s an ending that never happens, or starts again.. and again, it’s a positivity not a negativity.. I like to think of these things as becomings… postive flow, not the negative posture of the old idea of the eschaton.. take care… come visit us at takingthebrim.blogspot.com

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Clifford: The key is “near” the end of the world. Like Flannery O said, the life’s purpose of a Christian is to prepare for death. We wait and watch in joyful anticipation of the coming of Christ. But it’s not all rosy renewal and “positive flow” — shit literally happens and you have to literally suffer and die; and the whole world does.

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