A pretty good version of the good life.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    I’ve had the Tony Bennett version of THE GOOD LIFE running through the cortex this week “…full of fun, full of friends, your ideal.” (I think the singer ends up lamenting the good life because his heart is broken).
    As for 150 acres and a Catholic mule, I’d be curious about how they solve the malaise problem. It sounds as if he’s living a life I’ve often fantasized about. The big drawback for me and everyone else in that sort of community is that, as a community member, I would be part of the community.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    If we got Rick and Carmen to convert — and my folks and Carolyn — some acreage in the foothills west of Snohomish or south of Cheney or an island in the Puget Sound … we could have our own Catholic version of Gilligan’s Island.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    Who would be Ginger and who would be Mary Ann?

  4. Jonathan Potter says

    My folks = Mr. and Mrs. Howell.

    Rick = the Professor

    Webb = the Captain

    Potter = Gilligan

    Carmen, Tiffany, Ashley & Carolyn would take turns being Ginger and Mary Ann. In alternating episodes.

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