Lickona Concedes

Korrektiv Spring Literary Arts Calendar Update
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Matthew Lickona has ceded victory to Jonathan Potter in the final round of the Second Annual Korrektiv/Godsbody Poetry Slam Weekend Experience held in Lake Tahoe last Sunday, April 23.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    I don’t understand the contest and I don’t understand the poem. Were you really in Tahoe?

  2. Rev. Robert McIntyre says

    What are you talking about? You were there. Granted you’ll probably be banned from ever coming back due to your semi-nude, fire-juggling thing.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Geez, semi-nude fire-juggling? I just can’t compete. I never juggle fire unless I’m fully dressed.

  4. Jonathan Potter says

    Actually it’s a lot safer to juggle fire in the nude. Unless you’re slathered with petroleum jelly.

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    Petroleum jelly? Damn. Now I have to concede again.

  6. Matthew Lickona says

    By the way, Potter – more than a few times over the past couple of days, the wife and I have found ourselves singing the chorus of “Stealin’.” The wife particularly likes “If you don’t think I’m sinkin’, look at the hole I’m in…”

  7. Jonathan Potter says

    The wife even? I am stunned and honored, not to mention stupified and humbled. I should also fess up to the fact that I stole the chorus from a bootleg recording of a very young Bob Dylan, who introduces it as “an old jug band song.”

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