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Up From Atheism – Conclusion
“I had taken up a strong interest in the writings of Kierkegaard and St. Augustine during these times, along with making valuable use of Laura’s own intellectual resources on the history of Christianity and Christian thought.”

21st Century Kierkegaard
“I’ll leave you today with this brilliant nugget by the 19th century thinker Kierkegaard: If you label me, you negate me.”

“Kierkegaard” on May Day
“Walking into the toilet, I saw my MD peeing and was inspired to pen this down after Kierkegaard …”

Inside Iraq
“If you profess to be Christian, then read your own Bible, especially the Sermon on the Mount. If you’re not particularly religous, that’s ok — read Sartre, Kierkegaard, Frankl, Kafka, Brecht.”

I Imagine That Yes is the Only Living Thing
“The task is not to find the lovable object, but to find the object before you lovable. – Soren Kierkegaard, Works of Love”

“Fear and Trembling” has three problems
“Was it ethically defensible of Abraham to conceal his purpose from Sarah, from Eleazar and from Isaac? Kierkegaard’s discourse on these problems astounds me, what a mind!”

Søren Tender from Fearen Trembling
“Both knights, as different as they are, have take the step out into the open space where they stand in the presence of God alone with no mediating structures, no ethical codes, no systems of practical reason, no proofs or demonstrations or crutches or guarantees, and they obey God.”

my sweet Aviator of the Sky Christ first pilot_ of written

I believe because it is absurd.
Something like that , if memory serves.
Kierkegaard built nearly all his thinking around
the notion, that the belief, in this thing, is absurd.
[the phrase originates in the latin
Credo quia Absurdum of
Tertullian, the old growling church
father of the ancient days…]
there’s no evidence, for it, and everything around us,
and it, and the world, argues against it,
there’s no evidence of Any kind.


  1. Clifford Duffy says

    hello Jonathan, I see you quoted something which of course, I had modified and poeticized.. re kierke.gaard.. so, then poeting? theologizing? not quite identical, but identity is not a higher power’s strong spot.

  2. Anonymous says

    Mining Soren Kierkegaard’s works, I had the sense of a distorted vision of how the human body balances that may explain the tree fall, the kyphosis, the panic attacks,the falls. Somehow the imagery of the straight path, upright and no vacillations became overly entertwined with his proprioceptive sense. Anxiety over falling pervades his work.

    I used the word mining intentionally. To my ears, the cadence is weird. It seems to go out of synch with my brain after a few phrases.

    One point about a tightrope walker is she does vacillate. She winds her upper body in a serpentine motion to compensate for the constraint of her feet. I’ve seen it on TV.

    >> It is supposed to be the most difficult task for a dancer to leap into a definite posture in such a way that there is not a second when he is grasping after the posture, but by the leap itself he stands fixed in that posture. Perhaps no dancer can do it–that is what this knight does.

    This describes an artificial form of dance where the artist creates an illusion. The laws of physics require that to balance you must dissipate the impact of the fall either by wavering or carrying the momentum forward in a step. A parachute jumper will run a few steps. To literally perform the feat Soren describes is beyond absurd. It is truly impossible because it is contrary to the laws of nature.

    >>But to be able to fall down in such a way that the same second it looks as if one were standing and walking, to transform the leap of life into a walk, absolutely to express the sublime in the pedestrian–that only the knight of faith can do–and this is the one and only prodigy.

    That describes walking and even more running. In a graceful walk, you fall on your front foot and carry the momentum through to the next step. Was Soren so disoriented in space that ordinary balanced locomotion appeared to be absurdly miraculous?

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These ideas are pure speculation. IN NO WAY should they be construed as mediIcal, biomechanical or safety advice. Consult specialists in these areas for advice.

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