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Qualfredo della Gherardesca, Saint. Eldest of five children of a wealthy family. Properous married layman, solid citizen, and father of five sons and a daughter. With their children grown, he and his wife, Thesia, each felt called to religious life. [Qualfredo] and two married friends, Fortis and Gunduald, founded the Benedictine monastery of Palazzuolo, and a nearby convent for their wives and [Qualfredo]’s daughter. [Qualfredo] served as abbot, and the monastery was soon home to 60 monks.

[Qualfredo]’s son later entered the monastery, became a priest, had a terrible lapse of behavior and faith, reconciled with the monastery and the Church, and served as the 2nd abbot. Gunduald’s son enterd the monastery, served as 3rd abbot, and wrote a biography of [Qualfredo].

[From: Patron Saints Index]

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