Staging Dylan

The Times They Are A-Changin’ is what Twyla Tharp has dubbed her collage of Dylan songs transmuted into a 90 minute stage show: “It takes place at Captain Arab’s traveling circus — which hasn’t been traveling for a while — where a classic battle of wills between the generations is slowly fomenting. Arab — complete with a peg leg like Melville’s similarly named Captain Ahab — and his son Coyote are struggling over the future of the circus. Coyote’s first instinct is to run away, but his attraction to the beautiful animal trainer Cleo, who his father is also in lust with, binds him to the circus. Meanwhile the other performers-contortionists, stilt-walkers, tumblers, and jugglers play at games to keep themselves sharp during their hiatus.” It sounds to me like a helluva good time for Dylan fans in San Diego.


  1. Who cares about Dylan at 2:19 A.M.? That’s the time of day politians do their best work– thinking up dirty tricks and the like. Are you a looking for a position?

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    I’ve actually outsourced most of my blog entries to an outfit in New Zealand. So there’s a bit of a wrinkle in time there. I was definitely snoozing soundly at 2:19.

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