KSRK: Loving Søren

Quintilian posted this entry about a book he stumbled upon in the Seattle Public Library while looking for secondary literature to supplement our seemingly ever ongoing summer reading club reading of Stages on Life’s Way. Lo and behold it seems the author herself, Caroline Coleman O’Neill, posted a comment. I was jealous, so I’m posting this with the hope of luring her into the Korrektiv zone. Hi Caroline! If you Google yourself again and find this entry, please drop us a line!


  1. Caroline Coleman O'Neill says

    I don’t actually google myself – I subscribe to Google Alert, which lets me know when my name or my novel is mentioned. No thoughts on Stages right now, sorry!

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    What kind of Googleish white magic is this. I just type your name and you appear. Thanks for the note. It’s really gracious of you.

    I was just over at the Bros. Judd looking at their fawning review of Loving Soren. They sure do read a lot. Maybe even more than Quintilian. (No way do they watch as many movies as he does, though.) I don’t like the tone of the two Walker Percy reviews, so I’m tempted to question their praise of yours. (I confess I haven’t got my hands on a copy yet. But I will.)

    What we need to do is get Oprah’s attention.

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