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  1. Please pray for Zimbabwe.


  3. Cornell Davis says

    I would like to request prayer for my wife and I. That GOD will strengthen our marriage, and draw us closer to him. That we both can put the things of the past behind us and move forward in our lives. I request prayer that GOD will reveal his will for me in my life. I request prayer for a new job and for financial blessing. To be able to manage my finances better. I request prayer for my kids, Cornell and Crystal. That there both will draw closer to GOD. I request prayer for our friends and our family. I request prayer that GOD will open up his word to me.

    Mr. Cornell D. Davis
    Program Technology Specialist
    National Science Foundation

  4. Please pray for my brother, Andrew. He’s in hospital, waiting for abdominal surgery. It’s not life-threatening, but this will be the third time he’s gone under the scalpel as a result of Crohn’s disease, and it just ain’t no fun for nobody.

  5. just thought I would update your prayer request from last week….in case you want to pass it along.

    The man who was kidnapped….his name is tony. He escaped and is now in hiding in Port-au-Prince. He has been visited by Pastor Nathan and a number of the young men. they are working to get him safely out of the city and out into the country where he willl be
    safe. Pray for the orchestration of his removal from the city. Also for the people who took him in- that they would be safe and free from reprecussions.

  6. Please pray for my son Lonnie. He is in prison and they said he was going to Richland which is a place that has around 300 guys in a barrick setting. He really felt he needed a cell by himself and feels overwhelmed by the decision. He has appealed it. Please pray that God’s will be done in his life. He said he would have to hit a correctional officer to get classified higher in order to not have to do this and then he would not be eligible for judicial release in four years and might even have to do more time. Richland is not a safe place to be and a buddy that he met in jail had a hit put out on him at the same place and was jumped by 20 guys. As you can imagine, I want my son as safe as possbible.

    Also, please pray for my cousing Andrew and everyone else affected by the car accident he was in over the weekend. There was alcohol involved and his girlfriend was killed at the scene. She was in her twenties. There was another guy who was supposed to be driving but now he is saying that it was Andrew. Only God knows the truth at this time.

    Please pray for me. I have been feeling down and grieving for all of the losses that I incurred in 2005.

  7. This is granny Faith asking 4 prayer for my mom, she is 93 yrs old, and she had 6 teeth pulled and had surgery on her gums last week, this morning she was suppose to get the stitches out and she is very ill, she was on pennicilin, and pain medicine, she is very weak and ill, please pray for her and her heart too her name is Frances.

  8. korrektiv ... says

    I removed the prayer request from the mother of the soldier shot in the head. It was a real prayer request, but it turns out it’s been circulating for over a year. The good news is the guy has recovered quite well:

    Here’s the prayer request and the followup:

    Please pray for this young soldier and pass this on to all who will pray for him.

    From: Vicky Field

    Subject: My son has been shot in Falujah..

    I wanted to get everyone to pray for my son. Today, Sunday, got a call from the Army that my son had been shot in the head. I am asking for all your prayers. He was in a Humvee going through Falujah fighting and a gang of militia fighters fired on the Humvee and hit Chad in the head.

    The driver got him out of the city and took him to Baghdad. He was in fatal condition but now has been upgraded to stable critical. His dad and I are on standby to fly to Washington then on to Germany as soon as the military call us to go. The Army is trying to stabilize him enough to fly to Germany and at that time we will leave..

    Please pray that my son will not have brain damage and that he will be restored and healed by the for you to pass this prayer request on so there will be many prayer warriors for him. Thank you so much and I will try to keep you updated on his condition.

    God Bless

    Vicky Field, Granbury, Texas


    Comments [from]: U.S. Army Specialist Chad Snowden was shot in the head by a sniper in Fallujah, Iraq on November 13, 2004, leaving him critically injured. He underwent surgery in Baghdad, where doctors kept him for several days in hopes that his condition would improve so he could be flown elsewhere for further treatment.

    While awaiting notification of his departure from Iraq, Snowden’s mother, Vicky Field of Granbury, Texas, composed the prayer request above and emailed it to family and friends. She then flew to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where she spent a month at her son’s bedside monitoring his care and recovery, and fighting to cut through the red tape that threatened to delay his needed transfer to a rehabilitation center.

    One year later, the Dallas Morning News reports that Snowden is doing extremely well despite a minor loss of mental capacity and is making plans to attend college. Vicky Field, whose persistent lobbying on behalf of her son won the attention and respect of Defense Department officials, has been given the job of Texas advocate for the support of injured military personnel.

  9. Praise be to God!!! Please help me pray that my prayers will all be granted. I have a personal request. I love this man and been waiting for his marriage proposal. I know God will let it happened. He knows what’s inside our hearts.

    Thanks you for praying.

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