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Potter on vacation, Webb AWOL


  1. Arvan Harvat says

    Potter is the fox, Webb is the hedgehog.

  2. Ken Wilbur says

    Due to polivalent nature of my interests, it was a bit hard to choose the study.

  3. Frank Visser says

    I became sated and bored with academic life and its suffocating niceties.

  4. I’m a psychologist of religion, graduated in 1987, and have worked for ten years in the publishing world. Got fired last November and am trying to build up a new career as Internet Specialist.

  5. The Marble Faun says

    The sisters who wrote this book belong to a Dominican congregation founded by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s daughter.

  6. Cheryl Brackin says

    Percy is the Hedgehog; Kierkegaard is the fox.

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