Deus Caritas Est over at Amy’s

Some initial thoughts here, and a summary of reactions from others here, which will be updated as reviews/stories come in.


Andrew Sullivan. And again.


Der Spiegel.

First Things first peek.

John Allen in the National Catholic Reporter.

Something I found through the National Catholic Register.

Rocco Palmo in Beliefnet.

Magister’s background piece.

More as I run across them. Thanks as usual to Amy over at Open Book, who actually pays attention.

UPDATE: More Allen.


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    Here’s another link by way of Amy’s Open Book: Who’s Afraid of Erotic Love?. B16 drops a love bomb on Dan Brown’s comedy of errors.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Great stuff, Jonathan. I wonder how those fellows visiting the temple prostitutes for spiritual ecstasy (as opposed to physical) knew when to stop? I mean, if it’s physical delight you’re after, the answer is pretty clear, but what if the spirit is willing long after the flesh has become weak?

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