Brokeback Squadron

If you’re of a certain age, then we don’t have to explain why this is brilliant.

Yes, we’re lousy bloggers. But this makes up for it, we think.


  1. Very funny indeed. Our rowing club at college named all their boats after characters in Top Gun and I always wondered why that idea struck me as so amusing! 🙂

    I wouldn’t say ‘lousy’ btw. I like your blog a lot. A mixture of highbrow and gloriously lowbrow is a welcome change from some of the more, dare I say it, dry blogs in the Catholic world!

    I hope I’m one of the lucky ‘seven’.

    Emily (London, England)

  2. Geoff Edwards says

    Actually, about 10 years ago Quentin Tarantino had a brilliant cameo in an otherwise forgettable romantic comedy called “Sleep With Me.” Quentin is a guy at a party who subjects other partygoers to his long, rambling but surprisingly plausible deconstruction of Top Gun as “the story of a man’s struggle against his own homosexuality.”
    Quite funny, but also very, very crude. Quentin’s monologue can be found here:

  3. That’s just beyond rad. And the Top Gun homosexual subtext would never have occurred to me. It makes sense that Quentin had it all figured out long ago, though. The man is something of a visionary.

  4. Notrelatedtoted says

    Isn’t this why the Internet was invented?

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