Stopping by Blogs on a Frosty Evening

Whose blog this is, a neo-con,
His book is available on Amazon.
He will not see me lurking here;
My comments all will be anon.

My online friends won’t think it queer
If I blog while drinking a six-pack of beer
Between dinner and the ten o’clock news;
It fills my comments with good cheer.

My wife has the spouse-of-a-blogger blues
And asks me if I’ve noticed her cues.
The only other sound’s the click
Of mouse and key as I peruse

This blog and the next one till I’m sick
Of beating a dead horse with a stick
And another evening’s burned its wick,
And another evening’s burned its wick.


  1. Robert Frost poem The Road Not Traveled is better

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Or, any of the poems by Yeats or Shakespeare.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Poetry will save the world. And make you famous. No wonder Mark Shea gives shout-outs to the Korrektiv. Godsbody is but a ruined shell; The Korrektiv still has its claws, still walks sideways, still has eyes on the ends of stalks. All hail The Korrektiv.

  4. Jonathan Potter says

    Hey thanks Mr. L. But, no, Godsbody is a beautiful thing. A ruined shell? Maybe, but the sweet birds still sing there. Korrektiv is like Boise State University — we put the BS before U.

  5. This would make a great post-hypnotic suggestion for brainwashed inflitrated suicide attack operatives…

  6. Huh?

  7. ed mcmahon says


    Would it be fair to say that Korrekitiv is the sould of Godsbody?

    – Ed McMahon

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