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Stopping by Blogs on a Frosty Evening

Whose blog this is, a neo-con,
His book is available on Amazon.
He will not see me lurking here;
My comments all will be anon.

My online friends won’t think it queer
If I blog while drinking a six-pack of beer
Between dinner and the ten o’clock news;
It fills my comments with good cheer.

My wife has the spouse-of-a-blogger blues
And asks me if I’ve noticed her cues.
The only other sound’s the click
Of mouse and key as I peruse

This blog and the next one till I’m sick
Of beating a dead horse with a stick
And another evening’s burned its wick,
And another evening’s burned its wick.


  1. Robert Frost poem The Road Not Traveled is better

  2. Jonathan Webb says:

    Or, any of the poems by Yeats or Shakespeare.

  3. Matthew Lickona says:

    Poetry will save the world. And make you famous. No wonder Mark Shea gives shout-outs to the Korrektiv. Godsbody is but a ruined shell; The Korrektiv still has its claws, still walks sideways, still has eyes on the ends of stalks. All hail The Korrektiv.

  4. Jonathan Potter says:

    Hey thanks Mr. L. But, no, Godsbody is a beautiful thing. A ruined shell? Maybe, but the sweet birds still sing there. Korrektiv is like Boise State University — we put the BS before U.

  5. This would make a great post-hypnotic suggestion for brainwashed inflitrated suicide attack operatives…

  6. Huh?

  7. ed mcmahon says:


    Would it be fair to say that Korrekitiv is the sould of Godsbody?

    – Ed McMahon

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