Labrador Takes First Game in Long Bowls World Series

Korrektiv Sporting News
October 7, 2005

The Labrador City Doppelgangers took the advantage over the Kittiwake Coastal Rangers in the first game of the Long Bowls World Series tonight. Dexter O’Reilly led the Doppelgangers with a record-breaking deuce in the third round, bowling the skittle on his second try a good 30 meters beyond the notorious “graveyard” of the 13th green at Labrador and into the watershed to finish off the Rangers. Kittiwake team captain, Michael Fantuz, was philosophical about the loss. “You’re always going to either win or lose,” he said, “and we lost this time. That doesn’t define me as a person or us as a team, because we are winners in countless other ways. On the other hand, in the grand scheme of things, we are all losers because death awaits us all. Besides, there are still fifty more games to be played in the series.” Game two of the 51-game series begins at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon on the challenging Kittiwake course and will be televised live on ESPN3.


  1. Actually we were the winners…I was misquoted


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