Conversation with the Wife

“I’ve figured out a job I could do if we ever moved back east.”
“Pouring Slurpees?”
“Thanks. I’m blogging that.”
“You’re the one who said you could get a job at 7-11.”
“I said AM/PM. And I said I’d make Assistant Manager in five years.”
“‘Would you like that in Cherry or Coke?’ Oh, wait – you pour your own Slurpees now. Your pouring skills are no longer required.”
“I love you, honey.”


  1. Notrelatedtoted says

    Do you really “pour” a Slurpee? I always thought it was more of an “ooze.” And I think they’ve been a DIY item for some time now.

    But don’t despair, there’s plenty left to do. Those roto-dogs and other crusty creations (pizza logs, mexi-stikz and what have you) still need tending. And of course, scratchers: You will be in charge of trying to figure out which of the roughly 150 varieties of scratch cards is “that one.”

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