Being Gay Means Being Post-Modern Means Everything Is Whatever

I refer to the moment in which Sam says, “She has Steven’s nose and my lips.” It’s either pure brain-addled sentimentality or else reality-fabricating will-to-truth (the homosexual as super-man! I wonder what Nietzsche would have said). I mean, Sam doesn’t really think that he and Steven both fertilized that egg…that 32 chromosomes plus 32 chromosomes plus 32 chromosomes really could equal 64 chromosomes…does he? If Sam isn’t embarrased by such nonsense, is there not at least one liberal out there (e.g., a scientific liberal, of which there must surely be many) who is? Or does he really think, somewhere deep down, that because he wants it to be so, it is?

But then, why am I surprised? I once had a debate with a co-worker in the presence of our quietly gay supervisor about the relation of will to truth, which ended with me checkmating my opponent (no great feat here) by asking, “Which determines what is true–your choice, or reality?” He grudgingly admitted, “Reality…whatever that is.” But I actually heard my gay supervisor, who had been working facing the other way and feigning not-listening, mutter under his breath: “My choice.”

I wonder if homosexuals ever need therapy.


  1. Have you ever adopted a child? Never had a child of your own? Parents will always be parents. This child was destined to be mine/ours, has our features, has our hopes and dreams, this is real!

    Was is reality? It is always choice! I choose to have a child biologically, I choose to have a child through adoption, I choose to abort, I choose!

    I wonder if you need therapy?


  2. Mark, your’re doing another H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L comment? Get over it!

  3. Of course they will never need therapy, because to admit that would be to admit that there was disorder in their lives.

    We admit the disorder in our lives. We speak it out loud in the sacrament of penance.

    This whatever, is one that has always amazed me as well.


  4. There is disorder in everyone’s life. We all need a “tune-up” every once and awhile. And we all find different ways to do it.

  5. and Mark has stopped playing chess

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