Welcome to the World!

The Webb Kids, circa 2010

Klub Korrektiv welcomes two new members into the fold. Born to Jonathan and Tiffany Webb and washed up on the shore of this strange island world at half past nine o’clock this morning, two new castaways, Thomas Morgan (6 lbs., 6 oz.) and Honor Lidelle (4 lbs., 9 oz.) join big brother Jack (age 2 years, 10 months; yes the Webbs need our prayers — and our donations to the minivan fund).

Tommy and Honor and Jack
Rode home in an old gunny sack
Flung over the shoulder
Of their father the holder
Of four aces and a whip he could crack.


  1. Why isn’t Tiffany mentioned in the poem?

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    She’s one of the four aces.

  3. Mucho gusto, los jovenes de Webb!

  4. Congrats to the Webbs! (and thanks to Potter for the great poem)

    Does this mean we’ll see more comb-overs posted soon?

  5. Rufus McCain says

    The poem would make an interesting premise for a children’s picturebook.

  6. Jonathan Potter says

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