Hey Brits, if you’re watching this space, let’s hear it! We might start to think you’re dissenting from Technopoly or something!


  1. Mark,

    After the diatribe of below, here’s a poem to October…

    A beautiful month in Wisconsin which ends dismally in the stark beauty of November (no leaves, no snow, just lots of greys and browns).

    October Country Revisited

    There’s the precipice near the year’s end,
    Not to fall from, but survey the switch-back
    I’ve climbed, the foot-sore gravelly and ribboned
    Tail that twitches along the hillside’s hump
    In the barren colors October always dreams.

    Grinning ear to ear, later, the month splits
    From chewed stem to putrid node. The cold rots
    It from the inside out, a toothy Jack
    Gum-biting a bit of wax and doused flames,
    But still watching from its hollows for me to jump.


  2. Hi Mark,

    He he he. I’m not surprised the cab drivers got dogging and blogging mixed up. There have been so many dogging stories in the papers over here, it seems like an obsession.

    They’re right though, blogs aren’t really that big in the UK. I am the only person I know (hmm, can we really know ourselves? That is a whole other post) who reads blogs. I don’t know why though. Maybe because internet access is still relatively expensive in England compared to in the US? Maybe we just don’t like to share as much as you guys?!

    As for pod casting … I somtimes feel like the only person left in London without an i-pod, but again, very few people are into pod-casting over here. I used to do university radio though, so I’ll be tempted if I ever scrape the money together to get the technology.

    Emily, in London, England

  3. Mark Lickona says

    Hey Emily,

    OK, I’ll confess–I didn’t know what dogging was. So who’s the real philistine? (YIKES! Did I just write that???)

    Yes, we’re firm believers over here in getting everybody on the WWW–esp. kids! (A computer in every classroom! Heck, at every desk!) Means more customers!

    It’s good to learn your place in space. Thanks for sharing it.


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