Her Heart Beats for Me

Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub (kontinued)

It is precisely marriage’s sense of security that sustains the humorous; based upon experience, it does not have the restlessness of erotic love’s first bliss, even if marriage’s bliss is far from being minor. And when I as a married man, a married man of eight years, rest my head on her shoulder, I am not a critic, who admires or sees the lack of some earthly beauty; nor am I an infatuated youth who celebrates her bosom, but nevertheless I am as deeply moved as the first time. For I know what I knew and what I am repeatedly convinced of — that there within my wife’s breast beats a heart, quietly and humbly, but steadily and smoothly; I know that it beats for me and my welfare and for what is mutually ours; I know its calm, tender movement is uninterrupted — ah, while I am busy about my affairs, while I am distracted by so many different things, I know that at whatever time, in whatever situation I turn to her, it has not stopped beating for me. (p. 129-30)


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    K isn’t given enough credit for the eloquence of his writing.

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