Conversion Stories in Haiku

G.K. Chesterton

I joined the Church to
have my sins forgiven me.
Now I’m in heaven.

Walker Percy

I am a Catholic
because everything else is
a complete dead end.

Thomas Merton

The love of God was
nowhere else to be found, not
even in Buddha.

Jonathan Webb

Potter led the way,
but I had to kick his ass
from London to Rome.

Jonathan Potter

Webb chided me when
I turned to Canterbury.
I kept on going.


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  2. Jonathan Potter says

    I turned on word verification to avoid (hopefully) the sort of blogspamstorm quint got the other day. Even though I laughed my ass off when I saw all that crap attached to his serious musings on temptation.

  3. Wallace Stevens says

    My mind of winter
    was thawed by something greater
    than supreme fiction.

  4. Yeah!

  5. I did not convert;
    poetry is for gentiles,
    and I am gentle.

  6. Tolga Ulucay says

    Katrina relief
    from one shore to another.
    I received last rites.

  7. Bertrand Russel says

    I’m not a Christian.
    Explained why in a big book.
    My IQ was large.

  8. M. Holmgren says

    The Seahawks never win
    We are the worst organization in the NFL
    In fact we suck

  9. Rufus McCain says

    Your haiku fails to
    include the proper number
    of syllables, Mike.

  10. Mark Lickona says

    I love a convert.
    Haiku: Too precious by half.
    The blog is lovely.

  11. I loved the beauty
    of the mass but preferred to
    be an anglophile.

  12. Counting syllables
    on your fingers is pretty
    silly, ye poets.

  13. James Joyce says

    Here comes everyone.
    There but for the grace of God
    Go I out the door.

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