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Gerard Manley Hopkins

Was born on this date in 1844 and died in 1889.

Thou mastering me
God! giver of breath and bread;
World’s strand, sway of the sea;
Lord of living and dead;
Thou hast bound bones and veins in me, fastened me flesh,
And after it almost unmade, what with dread,
Thy doing: and dost thou touch me afresh?
Over again I feel thy finger and find thee.

[from “The Wreck of the Deutschland”]


  1. Dream:

    My folks have purchased a summer home somewhere and I am looking it over. It has a semi-finished yard, part dirt and part gravel. The house itself is new construction of big rough-hewn beams. I’m considering where I could plant grape vines, when I realize there already is one atop this high embankment on one side of the house. I climb up to it. It is early spring and there are lots of young shoots growing but not enough to attach to the guide wires above — except for one big clump of leafy vines and odd looking grapes. A girl seems to appear and says something about the grapes, remarking on their oddness. I pluck one and bite into it, thinking it is just unripened and that accounts for the oddness. Then, suddenly, I observe there is a waterfall nearby, flowing down a cut in the embankment and into a little pool. A glad feeling comes over me that this is our place.

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