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Archives for June 2005

Korrektiv’s Secret

Korrektiv wishes it were more like PostSecret.


“You are a crow! You watch, and wait, and then fly at me to snatch what you want to use.”

– Corinna to Ovid, in Jane Allison’s The Love Artist

Yesterdays News, Etc.

I just found out last night that The Sopranos Season Five is finally out on DVD. Pardon me while I disappear from the face of the earth for awhile.

Nice Catholic bit in episode one – Tony telling Carmella “You ain’t the only Catholic in this house. I’m old school – I don’t believe in separation.” That’s right – just serial adultery for men. Old school, indeed. And then, the casual assurance that if certain people see Furio, he’s a dead man.

Tony is the show’s center of gravity, so I can’t help but be forever presented with his humanity. As a result, I keep entering into his life, keep sliding towards sympathy for my fellow man. So it’s always just a little bit of a shock when he reminds me just how evil he is.

Walker Percy: A Life, The Missing Excerpt

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Jonathan Potter, a graduate of Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, made his way to Covington. He had written Walker twice, with the hope of being able to talk to him, but had received no reply. When he arrived by bus, thick fog and rain enveloped the town. Undaunted, he walked the streets, imagining he was Helen Keller in search of Annie Sullivan. By chance he spotted the Kumquat, where Sheena Dooly told him that Walker was not well but still signed books on request. When he arrived at the bookstore the next day, Sheena said she had just spoken to Walker, who was coming to town for a dental appointment and would stop by. Potter waited and waited and decided Walker would not come. Disheartened, he walked to the filling station to wait for the bus. Suddenly a pickup pulled over and a figure inside asked, “Is this where the bus comes?” Potter went over and introduced himself.
“Well, let me park over here and we’ll go inside. Did you get my letter?” Walker asked.
“No, I must have missed it.’
“I have to apologize for my bad behavior.”
“Oh no, not at all.”
“This old cancer cropped up a while ago. Would you like a grape NeHi?”
Percy reached into his pocket and then inserted several coins into an old soda pop machine removing two cold bottles of grape NeHi. Potter drank thirstily while Percy held his bottle without drinking.
“I anoint you my successor.”

A Writer?

Remember Chris Farley as Matt the Motivational Speaker, talking to surly teen David Spade on SNL?

“What do you want to be when you grow up, son?”

“Actually, I want to be a writer.”


‘Nuff said. I’ve been wandering around some of my old haunts, and talking with an established novelist or two, and it has been a sobering experience.

Speaking of sobering, had to love this one tidbit from BookAngst’s surveyed aphorism department:

“The only dependable maxim I know of in publishing is ‘Drunks buy books.’ Thus, I always set aside some cash in the marketing budget for booze at readings.”


First Son…

… oh, what a clever child…

“Matthew, this is your conscience,” came the voice through my office window. It was oddly familiar, but not quite the same as my own voice – just like a conscience might sound. In fact, it was almost like my son speaking through a megaphone…

“You need to visit, and you need to let your son sit at the computer! You’re not doing it! Do it, do it, do it!”

Such an insistent conscience.

Then it stopped. Suddenly, inexplicably, my son’s head appeared at the office window.

“Hey, Dad. I think I heard your conscience.”

“It was telling me to do something, son, but I couldn’t quite tell what.”

“I think it was telling you to go to, and to let me watch it.”

And always let your conscience be your guide…

The Catholic South

These people and their lovely blog are moving to Macon. EWTN is in Birmingham, Alabama. Anybody who reads this blog knows about this fellow, but what about these people? The list goes on. Catholics in the South…who knew?

UPDATE: AC reminded me about Rachel.

Speaking of Nostalgia…

…I am an absolute sucker for this band. Specifically, Umbrella (can’t seem to link to the site for that album). Specifically, the song “Every Hour Here.” The finest explicitly Christian pop tune I know. The site has a bunch of music samples – check it out, then come back and make fun of me.

Fun with Flannery…

…can be found here.

Meanwhile, here at Godsbody, we’re wondering if this brokedown blog needs to be put down…

Walker Percy in the Desert

He caught TB in med school,
bending over the corpses
of bums who died in the street.

He was sent away to rest,
surrender to the only cure:
rest, no exercise, sleep.

And so he read: Nietzsche,
Proust, and his favorite,
“the melancholy Dane.”

Happiness was despair,
he learned, even in America:
smug faces in the checkout lines,
a nation that believed
in bigger cars, more pills,
better bombs.

He thought about his ancestors,
their Delta plain and seas
of cotton, men who were
merely stoics at the end…

One day, he checked himself
out, drove across the country
to New Mexico.

He walked outside, night
after night, his heart
turning to a painful stone.

He saw the darkness between
the distant stars, faint light
at best.

But what if the sky
was only a book, open
to another, more careful

Out there, in the desert,
anything was possible,
even God.


— William Miller
Literary Review, Winter 2004, Vol. 47 Issue 2, p. 103-4