May 7, 1999

Once upon a time
A newly wedded pair
Thought it would be sublime
To bravely dare

To get in a canoe and paddle
Over the stormy waters
Of Lake Union in Seattle
To the reception of the Potters.

In wedding dress and tux
This couple stepped aboard.
With a chorus of “good luck”s
They momentarily oared.

But the canoe did tip
And the bride decried
The captain of the ship
As they both went over the side.


  1. Anonymous says

    The wisdom of the father was ignored; not the first, and most likely not the last.

  2. Officer Blankenship says

    Safe Practices for Canoeing and Kayaking 1. Inform someone ashore your intended location and duration of the trip. If you are not back at the intended time, he/she must call for help. 2.Keep track of developments in the port through the latest charts, Port Marine Circulars and Notices. Such circulars and notices are posted on MPA’s website: 3.Do not enter the anchorages, prohibited areas or areas outside the Seattle port limits. 4.Beware of tides and currents. In the event of inclement weather, the usermust immediately return to shore. 5. Canoeing and kayaking shall be carried out during the day. 6. If there is any doubt about equipment conditions, weather conditions, oruser’s condition, stay ashore. Do not take any chances.

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