Man Talks After Ten Years

An amazing little piece of news:

“Silent since 1995, firefighter talks”



  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Maybe he didn’t have anything worthwhile to say.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Maybe he was depressed about the disappearance of the Ivorybill.

  3. Dr. Alan C. Carver says

    He has classic signs of hypoxic damage. It’s not hard to understand what happened to his brain in 1995. What is remarkable is to think that after 10 years of being like this the brain should show evidence of regeneration, because when cells don’t get oxygen for a prolonged period of time they die.

  4. Dr. Joseph Fins says

    These are cases that we’re only finding out about sporadically. It really calls for an epidemiological study that can find out how many other patients like this are out there lingering in nursing homes.

  5. Katherine Manka says

    It’s thrilling. Since Saturday, he’s just been talking.

  6. Rufus McCain says

    Maybe he was pondering Emily Dickinson.

  7. Anthony Liberatore says

    He stayed up till early morning talking with his boys and catching up on what they’ve been doing over the last several years.

  8. Gary Younge says

    Donald Herbert, 43, went into a 10-week coma in 1995 after a burning roof buried him under debris and left him without air for several minutes. Since then he has been nearly blind and displayed little, if any, memory, ability to communicate or awareness of his surroundings.

    Then out of the blue, on Saturday, he woke up in the nursing home where he has been for the last seven years and said: “I want to talk to my wife,” sending the nurses at the care home in suburban Buffalo, New York, racing out to call his wife, Linda.

    But it was his youngest son, Nicholas, 13, who picked up the phone, the New York Times reported. “That can’t be,” Mr Herbert said. “He’s just a baby. He can’t talk.”

  9. Simon Manka says

    Keep praying, please wait while we have him evaluated and respect his family’s privacy.

  10. Tom Burton says

    If this is something that took place through divine intervention, I’m doing my best to help it along with a lot of prayer.

  11. Gene Warner says

    Despite the family’s caution, speculation already began to surface Monday about Herbert’s possible recovery being used as a miracle in the bid to make Father Nelson Baker of Lackawanna a saint. There were unconfirmed reports that Herbert has at least one photo or other artifact of Father Baker in his room.

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