Question for the Philosophical Community

Aren’t all philosophers arm-chair philosophers, after all?

When I was in college, I once saw my philosophy professor out jogging. It was one of the most grotesque visions of pain and strain I have ever seen.


  1. It isn’t easy dragging this sack of bones up Mount Olympus.

  2. Brother Samuel says

    One of the greatest frustrations of C.S. Lewis toward the end of his life was an inability to kneel for prayer.

  3. My dad was a psych professor. I remember when I was eleven he took me out of school for a big father/son male bonding day (the only one I ever remember). Anyway, he bought me a PLASTIC! baseball glove. For crying out loud–PLASTIC! Mostly he would walk around the house like a veg, deep in thought. I like William Buckley’s statement that he would rather be governed by the first 2,000 people listed in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard. Often I hear someone referring to something an academic said and adding that only an intellectual could be so stupid. Invariably I agree.

  4. What would S.K. say if he observed your professor jogging?

  5. Th' Real Brüx says

    My comment was going to be about Socrates. I would venture to call him a curbside philosopher. Or perhaps a Poliside philosopher. Not to be confused with the stoners at Eric Hasting’s house at three a.m., vyeing to impress a girl. That’s a poolside philosopher. But the imposter makes a good comment too. Or am I the imposter?

    What do they call those roman and greek couches that became chaise lounges. Certainly not chaise lounges, for that is a french word.

  6. Jonathan Webb says

    I think they called those chairs “codex loungetatis.”

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