Question for self-examination: Are you a bull shitter or a bull fighter?


  1. Korrektiv says

    Korrektiv is a little of both.

  2. Cristina Sánchez says

    I am a bullfighter. What I love about Korrektiv is that even when it is bullshitting it is really bullfighting. (That is one of the great secrets of true bullfighting.)

  3. Well that all depends, does it not? On whether you’re faking your way through an essay test, selling a piece of prime [swamp] river front property, or leading a group of classmates through the woods at age 8 and allaying their city-slicker fears of being lost by convincing them that you know exactly where you are going

  4. Garcia Lorca says

    I am a bullfighter. I am Don Juan.

  5. I just want to affirm that each of your experiences are valid in their own way. Who hasn’t felt like a bullshitter or a bullfighter at various times of their life? Who hasn’t had that nightmare that they were responsible for the lives of dependent children, but, at the same time feeling lost? And who hasn’t felt the need to get in touch with their masculine side? I know that when I get upset sometimes I really feel like giving someone a piece of my mind. You might say like a bullfighter fighting a very, very large and frightening bull!

  6. Eli Coutee says

    Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful

  7. Dennis E. Gronquist says

    Thanks for your question. I am a bull fighter. I attack terrorists where they came from, Saudi Arabia in my novel ‘Allah’s Torch.’ It tells a lot about the Kingdom that they don’t what you to know.

    DE Gronquist

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