The Shush Factor

A certain mustachioed librarian with muscles of steel was sitting in a saloon in Gallup, New Mexico, enjoying the latest issue of Library Trends and a double Wild Turkey, straight up, when a taunting “shush” followed by a whiskey-breathed cackle arose from the other end of the bar. “Them’s fightin’ words,” said the barrel-chested bibliophile, adding, parenthetically, “(if, indeed, ‘shush’ can be called ‘words’)”; and, setting aside his scholarly journal, taking care (also parenthetically) not to damage its spine, he pulled out his ALA-accredited six-shooter and shot a hole right through that lily-livered sapsucker’s copy of Men’s Health.


  1. “Men’s Health” is for pussies.

  2. Hunter S. Thompson once shot three holes in one of his books and offered it to a friend as an “autographed” copy.

  3. That is why he will continue to be missed so.

  4. He was a close personal friend of mine.

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