Dream Library

Which of the following most nearly corresponds to your dream library?

(a) Utilitarian warehouse of knowledge. (b) Quiet zone enforced by simmeringly sexy bifocal-clad intelligent agents. (c) Technology playground. (d) Palace of words where every man and woman is royalty. (e) Temple of learning, holy place, sacred space. (e) Noisy marketplace of ideas, grist mill of thought, where ideas are sought and found and celebrated and fought over, sometimes in loud voices, violent gesticulations, and the occasional barroom-style brawl. (f) Nature preserve where wild beasts roam freely among the stacks. (g) Coffeehouse where music and philosophy blend with caffeine and serotonin in a volatile mix. (h) 24-hour Fitness center of the mind and soul. (i) Interdisciplinary mental health spa. (j) Smorgasbord of virtually everything. (k) Books, books, and more books!


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    If language is a virus from outer space, then libraries are the garrisons of alien invaders.

  2. Women are language mongers. Women are space aliens.

  3. Librarians are word mongers. Similar to fish mongers selling their wares in the street,”get your words, fresh words!” Or, like whores spreading their books for anyone with a library card.

  4. Henri Young says

    You forgot homeless shelter.

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