“Also Available in White"

An upgrade of the cliche, “Wash Me,” temporary griffito one sees scribed on the dirty backsides of 18-wheeler trailers. This witty variant was spotted traveling west on I-90 one mucky January afternoon. If I were a black man, I’d put this on a t-shirt and wear it during pick-up basketball games with my white friends.


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    Come to think of it, “Wash Me” would make an interesting t-shirt slogan as well. Maybe Korrektiv should come out with a line of t-shirts.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    The problem with “Wash Me” as a dirty truck graffito is it has become a cliche. But every honest cliche is looking for a jolt of new life. For example, you put it on a t-shirt. The new context breaks the old mold that has crustified around the cliche. Or you could change it slightly: “Warsh Me” would be funny again, for a second. “Also Available in White” is even funnier; but a black man putting it on a t-shirt during a pick-up b-ball game with his white-ass buddies is funnier yet. Eventually you come up with so many overly-witty variations that you come full circle and good old “Wash Me” is funny again — the funniest of all.

  3. Jonathan Potter says

    Linguistically speaking, “Wash Me” has accumulated its own layer of grime. Somebody needs to come along and write “Wash Me” on it.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

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  6. Jonathan Webb says

    The black man in question would have to be extraordinary; let’s say Christlike. Wearing the t-shirt would be like Jesus submitting to baptism. Just like John The Baptist saying that it is he who should be baptized by Jesus, the white guys would ask that same question about who should wear the t-shirt. Eventually, those who are disciples will start wearing the shirt.

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