So Many With So Little To Say

From Webb:

In the present age we have more sources of information than ever and never has there been less information worth knowing. We can communicate with each other more efficiently than ever, never have there been so many with so little to say. True ignorance, Socratic or otherwise, would be a revelation. That’s why the next great prophet will be a Nascar Hillbilly, inbred, playing banjo on the porch and married to his sister.


  1. This is a reposting of an earlier comment by J. Webb. The Korrektiv deems it worthy of it’s own space as a main posting.

  2. There’s no apostrophe in “its,” dumb ass.

  3. Its true, theres not.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    Instead of nine Supreme Court Justices all we really need is one “Korrektiv”.

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    Korrektiv posts the quotes of others not because it necessarily agrees with those quotes, but, because it deems them worthy of publication. In fact, Korrektiv may view a quote as sedition itself, yet, deem it worthy of publication. There may come a time when Korrektiv will make military war on the author of a quote, yet, view the quote as worthy of publication. It will intercede in small matters of dispute (for example, involving Anonymous), but, only if there is an undisputed degree of verification.Try to pin Korrektiv down? Don’t try. Korrektiv has been given the last laugh as a dispensation from the gods.

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